Kyle's Stats

Born in Yakima, WA in April of 1983,

I grew up as an active individual,going to State to compete in both Wrestling and Track and Field. While trying to make my weight class for wrestling, I began lifting weights and doing cardio. After getting injured in wrestling, I became serious about weight lifting and my nutrition due to the fact I could no longer wrestle anymore. Once I started working out and eating right on a consistent basis, my body went through amazing improvements over the summer.

After noticing the drastic changes my body went through, I couldn't put the weights down. It became a passion of mine, an addiction and I could not get enough of it. In 2000, I competed in my first bodybuilding show at the age of 16 in Lincoln City, OR. At this show is where I met Brad Hollibaugh, a National level bodybuilder. Brad helped to educate me on the importance of diet and overall training for bodybuilding competitions.

Later on in the year of 2000, I competed in my 2nd bodybuilding show in the WestCoast Natural show and placed 1st place. After competing in 4 other shows doing both dieting and training on my own, I consulted my friend, Brad, for help with competition prep. And since then, it has been nothing but uphill. Every show I have competed in, I have placed near the Top of every class.

I compete currently as a Light Heavyweight bodybuilder and my goal is to dominate and destroy everyone in my class. My plan right now is to compete in spring of 2008 in the Emerald Cup, which is the largest amateur bodybuilding show in the world. I am going to be dieting 4 weeks longer this time for that particular show so that I am able to come in "hands down" the winner and walk away with National Qualification.